Mod Menus Are Dramatically Impacting Red Dead Online For The PC, But Rockstar Is Addressing These Concerns

Mod Menus Are Dramatically Impacting Red Dead Online For The PC, But Rockstar Is Addressing These Concerns
Credit: Hazard via YouTube

For the longest time, mods have played a huge part in the gaming industry. Creative individuals take a good concept and put their own spin on it, whether it’s driving around in an insane car or switching out antagonists. Whatever is done, the mod makes a game different and a lot of times humorous. Then there are mods that make gameplay all the more frustrating, especially for games that take place online.

This has been happening a lot lately in Red Dead Online for the PC, the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar. For example, there are mods that give players unlimited health. No matter how hard you try to take them down, they won’t be affected by anything and they can then turn around and take your character out. This is extremely frustrating when you’re trying to complete a mission and then have to start over again.

The reason these mods are coming into existence is because of mod menus. They essentially let players change mechanics in Red Dead Online. The options are limitless and for the most part, the mods are funny and don’t have a negative impact on gameplay. When they do, though, players throw their arms up and want the mod to be remedied in some capacity.

There are even mods that enable users to drain money from others who’re in the same lobby. As you might have guessed, these cheating systems have not been welcomed with open arms. It seems there needs to be a balance for what players can actually adjust to their liking.

Fortunately, Rockstar is not going to sit back and watch gamers have frustrating experiences. That was not their intent when making Red Dead Online. Rather, they want players to have amazing experiences and get along with each other. To address the recent mod menu concerns, Rockstar is striking back against those who’re using the mod resources in a cheating or negative manner.

They have — in fact — started banning users who’re taking advantage of the mod system. On paper, this seems like a great strategy. What better way to curb cheating systems than to permanently ban users who have malicious intent when adjusting various aspects of this Western shooter experience. It seems like the modding community has taken notice. Sure, there will always be those that try to game the system and affect other players’ experiences. At least Rockstar is taking a proactive stance in efforts of making this game as user-friendly as possible.