MetallicGear Announces The New NEO 520 Series Which Includes NEO-G, AIR And SILENT

MetallicGear Announces The New NEO 520 Series Which Includes NEO-G, AIR And SILENT
Credit: MetallicGear

Gaming brand MetallicGear, which is powered by Phanteks, today announced the expansion of the Neo series with three new ATX mid-tower chassis. The three are Neo Silent, Neo Air, and Neo-G. Unlike the previous models, the Neo 520 Series promises uncompromised value and functionality including vertical GPU mounting with a bracket of course.

Neo Silent
As the name suggests, this is a subtle and silent gaming case, courtesy of a sound insulation front panel which dampens the noise from the components like fans. This mid-tower case is designed for ATX motherboards but is also compatible with Micro-ATX, Mini-ATX, and E-ATX form factors.

The Neo Silent also features a tempered glass side panel giving you a glimpse of the components, and the lighting as well. It comes with one pre-installed MetallicGear Skiron 120 mm Black fans and can accommodate several others pretty well. It supports GPUs of up to 400mm, CPU cooler up to 170mm and a 250mm and below PSU.

Neo G
This is also a mid-tower gaming case primarily built for ATX motherboards but can blend with Micro-ATX, Mini-ATX, and E-ATX motherboards as well. Besides the sleek design, this case sports a stylish front tempered glass panel, and a side tempered glass panel to floss your configuration.

One of the advantages of the Neo-G is the inclusion of two MetallicGear Skiron 120 mm D-RGB fans. This is alongside an integrated D-RGB controller so you can light up your gaming station. The case can support all the standard components just like the Neo Silent.

Neo Air
As the name suggests, the Neo Air is designed to complement the fans. The design allows for unrestricted airflow through the vents and the mesh that blend in with the sleek design. The Neo Air is available in black or white and is also RGB ready courtesy of two pre-installed MetallicGear Skiron 120 mm Black fans and the integrated D-RGB controller.

This case also tags along with the standard MettalicGear Neo Series features. These include dust filters, smart space utilization design, tempered glass, and support for the standard components.

The exact date for the release of the MetallicGear NEO 520 Series gaming cases has not been revealed, but they will hit the market this September.

The NEO Silent is the cheapest and will set you back $50. On the other hand, the NEO Air (Black/White) and NEO-G will set you back $60 and $70 respectively. The three cases all come with a generous 5-year warranty.