Massively Sprawling Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion Is Finally Getting Released For PC Gamers Worldwide

Massively Sprawling Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion Is Finally Getting Released For PC Gamers Worldwide
Credit: Capcom USA via YouTube

There is some good news coming in hot this week for fans of Monster Hunter: World on PC. The latest expansion, Iceborne, will be available for all PC players to enjoy of their favorite game. This one has definitely been a long time coming for many of us who love this classic monster-hunting game.

The actual expansion for the game was first released for other platforms sometime back in September, which allowed fans of the game to get out there and fight the dreaded Icewyrms in a new environment for the PlayStation 4 and elsewhere. But now we can finally give it a try on PC.

This latest installment of the game is designed for those few players who have already beaten the Monster Hunter: World’s two main storylines.

This opens the door to the two big tiers within the game world. There are the high-rank and low-rank tiers, and both of them are essential to the gameplay. These tiers are part of the main game, but they open the door to two new systems of play.

The low-rank system is all about the story of the gigantic and creepy looking monster, Zorah Magdaros. This thing will try to wipe out the entire continent and the player has to quickly take ’em out or else. Then, the high-rank system involves fighting an alien dragon-like creature, which is called Xeno’jiiva. Absolutely wild.

In order to play Iceborne, the player will need to beat both quests. That means the game doesn’t get started unless you’re already pretty far along.

Fortunately, the developers are now helping their gamers get to where they need to be even faster than before. One of the first patches will give everyone a little boost with a new piece of armor that will go well into the last parts of the game. This armor can also grant you with special stamina and decay/healing boosts. As long as the player keeps upgrading it, it should be in great shape.

So PC gamers don’t have a whole lot to fear here. Whether you’ve already beaten the game or just wishing to jump into all the icy craziness, each player can get to where they need to be relatively quickly after the expansion finally gets dropped, which will be pretty soon now.

Be sure to check out this super wintry addition to your favorite gaming world PC gamers, if you got the Monster Hunter: World fever that is.