Love Photography, Dogs, and Jumping Across Buildings? Welcome to Pupperazzi

Love Photography, Dogs, and Jumping Across Buildings? Welcome to Pupperazzi
Credit: Steam XO

Sundae Month, an indie game developer, announced their most recent game Pupperazzi yesterday. The goal of the game is to take cool pictures of dogs as you strive to maintain your social media presence. The cuter the dog, the better you perform on social media and the closer to becoming the best puppy paparazzi you become.

The game features a single-player campaign along with “Lots ‘n lots of dogs, Dogs with Clothes and couch-competitive gameplay.” This game is a dog lover’s dream or a photographer’s nightmare as you have to scale building, chase skateboarding canines, and avoid many other obstacles to capture the perfect pooch photo.

The game promises to be a cute adventure much in the same way that Pokemon Snap was in 1999. Instead of riding a railcar through the world of Pokemon, you will be climbing buildings and travel across cities to capture a cute canine moment.

You play as a failing photographer who decides instead of following celebrities you will instead follow celebrity dogs. The better your images, the better they perform on social media, and the more you can become known as the worlds best ‘pupperazzo.’ The game also features a slow-motion mid-air zoom feature letting you capture almost any scene.

If taking photos of clever canines alone is not enough, the couch-competitive gameplay provides a new level of challenge. Compete with your friends to see who can make the best photos in local dog-spotting competitions.

Did I mention that these dogs also wear clothes and sometimes ride skateboards! With hundreds of unique possibilities and combinations, there are many ways to succeed as a ‘pupperazzo.’ The game also features local saving so that you can share your images later with other dog lovers online.

You may know Sundae Month from their other titles such as Dad Quest and There Might Be Ponds. Strange and unique games are the territory of these developers, and they almost always deliver fun and unique games. There is a spark of comedy in nearly all of their products that makes them stand out in the neverending wave of indie games.

I expect Pupperazzi to have the same level of fun and comedic value as their other adventures.

As the months roll by, I am sure we will see more from both Sundae Month and their new creation, Pupperazzi.

No official release date has been provided other than ‘2019’ so you can expect to start capturing these amazing dogs sometime later this year but you can add it to your wishlist on Steam.