Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition Is Heading To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch This June With A Beautiful Physical Release

Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition Is Heading To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch This June With A Beautiful Physical Release
Credit: Little Town Hero via Nintendo

Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition is bridging the community of PlayStation and Nintendo. As the only way to gain a physical edition of the game, the Big Idea Edition comes with tons of physical goodies for any avid fan of the game. The game comes with an art book, poster, lapel pin set, and an official soundtrack CD with music composed by Toby Fox.

This announcement comes right after a successful launch last October. The game was a surprise RPG experience from none other than Game Freak, the minds behind Pokemon. Till now, the game has been a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but now it is making its way to the PlayStation 4.

The game lets you play as Axe, a young boy with a dream to adventure. Like any small child from a little village, he has his eyes et on only what lies outside the town. After he finds a magic stone that manifests his ideas into reality, he decides to arm himself with the power of imagination and defend his town from monsters.

That is when Game Freak presents its unique combat system. Rather than grinding through levels like a traditional RPG, this game lets you use strategy and creativity to defeat your enemies. The more creative, the better as you find unique ways to bring down even the strongest of foes.

A new Easy Mode has been added, which lowers the attack and defense of enemy Dazzits. Special Effects will show up less often, giving a more laid back experience for players to enjoy combat. Players craft Issits, or ideas that have not been fully realized, and turn them into Dazzits. A Dazzit comes with its own attack and defense labeled on its side.

That is the basics of this amazing combat system. This entire build creates a unique interaction for a player in the game. By making it based on creativity then simply numbers, the game opens itself to a new world of potential and a fresh new audience.

The physical kit is available for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It will become available for purchase in June. North America will receive it on June 2, Europe, on June 5, and Oceania later on June 12.

This game is currently available on Nintendo Switch. Upon the release of the physical version, fans will be able to enjoy it on PlayStation 4 as well. This is one small step for Little Town Hero, one huge step for Game Freak.