Job Simulator Has Become The Second ‘Made for VR’ Game To Sell Over One Million Copies, Who Knew Work Could Be So Fun

Job Simulator Has Become The Second ‘Made for VR’ Game To Sell Over One Million Copies, Who Knew Work Could Be So Fun
Credit: Owlchemy Labs

Job Simulator launched in 2016 and brought an interesting concept to the VR community. This is a game where you get up early, leave your home and get a job… virtually at least. In this wacky world, robots have replaced all human jobs, and now you have to work and learn what it was like ‘to job’ like a human.

There was a time that Job Simulator was one of the most popular VR titles on the PlayStation before it was dethroned by the rhythm game Beat Saber. The game continued to perform well, and now it has surpassed one million copies. This will be the second VR game to reach the milestone right behind its biggest competitor, Beat Saber.

The announcement came from Owlchemy Labs, as the game has “gone Platinum.” This is a major accomplishment, and currently, only two VR games hold this honor. A million copies sold is a normal event with many AAA titles, but it does not happen too often for the independent releases.

It is important to note the wording of the announcement. Tons of other games with optional VR functionality have reached and far surpassed 1 million sales. What makes these games different is that they do not require VR headsets and have it as an additional feature. Job Simulator and Beat Saber are made for VR, this requires players to own a VR headset to play them and makes them specifically for VR systems.

Job Simulator is a very tongue-in-cheek VR experience that can be played with either the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or PlayStation VR headsets. The game opens up the opportunity to be a truly human and work in the not-so historically accurate representation of work before robots. You can manipulate, throw, smash, and destroy objects in the world, and it makes it one of the most satisfying digital jobs ever.

You can gain some valuable life experiences in this VR world that will become useful if the robots ever take over. The game lets you fire new employees, serve tasty slushies, brew tea, rip apart cars, and throw things at your boss. All great features for a robotic society to have.

The game even has a never-ending night shift with an infinite overtime mode letting you always work. No longer will work have to end on a human time schedule, computer robot people never sleep, and neither will you.

You can find Job Simulator on Steam or PlayStation VR. This is a fun and highly-rated VR experience that is sure to give everyone a relaxing time stressing about virtual work.