Indulge In An Eating Frenzie While Terrorizing The World – Monster Bugs Eat People, Coming To Nintendo Switch

Indulge In An Eating Frenzie While Terrorizing The World – Monster Bugs Eat People, Coming To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo

Gamers will satisfy their appetite playing Monster Bugs Eat People, coming to Nintendo Switch.

This is an action-arcade game that supports single-player gaming as a well local multiplayer.
The premise is quite simple, the player is a giant, deadly bug, and they must eat everything in their path, and diet.

Typically, when there is a game about giant mutated insects eating humans, the gamer usually plays a protagonist human tasked to take down the bugs. Monster Bugs Eat People will give players a different perspective, the perspective of the laboratory-created mutated bug that’s chowing down on the humans.

There are three insects the gamer can play, each with their certain diet. Their purpose is to keep eating and growing larger, and each of the three monster bugs eats something different.

The red monster bug is the one that the has given the game its inspiration for the name Monster Bugs Eat People, as its main delight is eating people. The green-colored insane insect eats plants, and the steel-colored creature eats steel.

Each monster bug can eat other insects as well and must be on guard from other monster bugs attacking them!

The gamer will utilize the attacks of their bugs, including quick dash and poisonous venom.

The publisher, QuibicGames, is responsible for games like Mana Spark, and Castle of No Escape. They just celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in May!

There is a single-player campaign mode that the gamer can sink their fangs into as they try to become the biggest monster on planet Earth!

Monster Bugs Eat People also features four different modes that support up to four players in multiplayer action.
• Wave Survival – the giant insects will work together to fend off, and feast on, waves of enemies.
• Max Size – friends, will face-off, devouring as much as possible, trying to become the biggest monster bug, the fastest.
• Kill Players – this one is self-explanatory; each player will try and kill the other player with some bug on bug carnage.
• Eat People – this is the ultimate buffet mode, players will try and eat the most humans in a certain amount of time.

The gameplay has been labeled simple and addictive as gamers play under the ultimatum, “eat, or be eaten.”

The Nintendo Switch will play Monster Bugs Eat People via TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode, so gamers can keep feasting no matter where they are.

Monster Bugs Eat People is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 22nd and costs $1.99 through the Nintendo eShop. The game won’t take up much room either, only clocking in at 311 MB.