Horizon Zero Dawn Has Been Rumored To Be Coming To PC Surprisingly Soon, Likely False

Horizon Zero Dawn Has Been Rumored To Be Coming To PC Surprisingly Soon, Likely False
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There’s a new leak coming from a Russian games journalist, and it has everyone rather excited.  Unfortunately, it seems likely false, and it’s likely wise to nip this in the bud prior to a bunch of gamers lighting proverbial fires across social media.

Russian journalist Anton Logvinov has stated that Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming to PC in February 2020. Many sites on the internet are currently stating this as being a factual leak, crafting narratives to support their hopes through some gymnastics that even has Svetlana Khorkina licking her chops.

The mere mention of this coming to PC has many excited as the open-world game had an interesting vision for the future of humanity and wildlife.  Recreating the experience for PC would really stretch the capabilities of computers (and modding) as the game has a hefty number of idyllic scenery that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Beyond the raw power that computers bring to the fight, it’s simply far easier to aim with a keyboard and mouse than it is with a controller.  When most PC users see professional teams aiming a weapon with a controller, it simply defies reasoning that is readily available.  Personally, I’ve launched arrows in Horizon Zero Dawn well beyond what I was attempting to aim at, and it happened enough that the game ended up simply shelved for good.

So pardon everybody’s excitement that the game may be coming to PC.  That all being said, these rumors are likely false.  With Sony’s historical control over their first-party games, along with a complete lack of evidence, I’d keep the bow in the closet until we see something with more merit than a YouTube video.

If it’s real, he gets tons of clout for his next video.  If not, he’ll still gain a bit of popularity; at least among those that speak Russian.

Yet Horizon Zero Dawn is a first-party title for Sony, and they haven’t exactly set a precedent in allowing their titles that were supposed to encourage gamers to purchase the PlayStation 4 migrate wantonly to other platforms, even one as replete as PC.  Granted, we have seen games that are a wee bit long in the tooth coming to PC recently, and this may be a direct response to that.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection coming to Steam and captivating the audience yet again may merit a direct counter from Sony, and pushing their first-party games would be a brilliant counter.  Although Sony’s recent victories found through their console line doesn’t seem to have them jumping at any chance to compete with Microsoft.

Secondly, all we have to go on is a Russian YouTuber.  There are simply zero merits to this rumor as of yet, and YouTubers are notorious for crafting wild rumors in a desperate bid to attract more viewers on the ever-crowded platform.  It’s far more likely that they’re discussing the next Horizon Zero Dawn coming to the next generation of PlayStation, and our journalist friend got all of his wires crossed in the most popular way possible.

Everyone take a deep breath.  It’s OK.