Grow Power And Skill While Seeking Revenge In Tiny Gladiators, Coming Out For Nintendo Switch

Grow Power And Skill While Seeking Revenge In Tiny Gladiators, Coming Out For Nintendo Switch
Credit: NinEverything via YouTube

Fight for glory and revenge in Tiny Gladiators, coming to Nintendo Switch tomorrow!

Tiny Gladiators is an RPG that plays like a classic fighting-arcade game and was originally a mobile game that can be played on iOS and Android devices.

This is a game fueled by revenge, as the gamer plays a character on a mission to avenge their father’s untimely demise. As they navigate through this world, answers like who did it, and why, will emerge. Find out more about the father by progressing through the game, gaining artifact enchantments, increasing skills, and winning intense duels.

Gamers can check out this trailer for Tiny Gladiators.

Tiny Gladiators gameplay strikes a balance between an RPG and a no holds barred fighting game. It is a very fast-paced game as the battles take place using an old school arcade system, with the contest starting with a countdown, two enemies facing each other, and their health bars shown at the top of the UI.

To move forward in the game, the player must win a mass amount of battles. Every win that is earned will help them gain new combat skills, weapons, armor, and outfits.

There are 195 levels in this game, and each level gets progressively harder. That’s why the gamer must keep grinding through the battles to gain more weapons and skills.

Throughout the hundreds of levels, the player will come face to face with 22 unique and intense boss fights.

There are a couple of other modes in the game, including Tower Mode, where the player takes down as many enemies as possible in a survive-as-long-as-they-can scenario. There is also a mode for the pros, Hardcore Mode, which will feature much harder battles.

This game also features local multiplayer in a couple of forms. Smash your friends in player vs. player chaos, or team up together and play through the co-op mode.

For the gamer’s convenience, the Nintendo Switch can play Tiny Gladiators using every supported mode, TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode. A fantastic thing about this game is the download size being a modest 183 MB.

The publisher of Tiny Gladiators is BoomBit Games, who has made many other mobile games like Mighty Heroes, Idle Coffee Corp, and Tiny Gladiators 2.

Gamers won’t have to wait long if they’re interested in buying Tiny Gladiators on Nintendo Switch. It’s coming out on November 22, and it’s on sale right now through the Nintendo eShop. The original price is US $14.99, but it has been reduced to US $11.99.