Gears Of War 5 Will Be Making Its Appearance At E3; Could Be The Best In The Series

Gears Of War 5 Will Be Making Its Appearance At E3; Could Be The Best In The Series
Credit: Microsoft via YouTube

Gears of War has been such a popular series for Microsoft. It’s the reason why many people even purchased an Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Time and time again, Epic Games delivers a great product. There have now been four games in this storied franchise.

That’s quite an impressive number and it doesn’t seem like Epic Games is slowing down any time soon. They’re currently hard at work on Gears of War 5. It’s picking up directly after the events in Gears of War 4, which had some interest plot twists and a lot of questions to be answered.

Thus far, Epic Games and The Coalition have kept their lips sealed shut regarding details on the latest Gears of War installment. That could very well change at this year’s E3, which is set to take place between June 11 and June 13. During this window, fans should hear all sorts of interesting nuggets concerning this highly anticipated first-person shooter.

Hopefully, they show actual gameplay footage. Gears of Wars has always been impressive from a graphics standpoint. The levels are beautifully rendered and the cutscenes are a true joy to watch in between action sequences. This fifth installment could be the best it has ever been, at least visually. This is particularly true when running on Microsoft’s new Xbox One X and S.

It would be nice to see what changes they’ve made to the series as well. We do know that this latest installment is branching off into a different style of play. Instead of just being directed to various stages on the map, which are pretty planned out, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of exploration.

The setting is none other than the planet of Sera. Being able to explore this interesting planet and its striking environments is a great change. It should give fans of the series a whole new way to experience the Gears in action. Open-world games have sold exceptionally well as of late, so it’s not surprising to see Epic Games and The Coalition go in this direction.

Let’s hope the developers share some details about this installment’s story. There are a lot of things still left to be discovered, especially for Kate Diaz. She played an integral role in the fourth title, as she found out she has a deeper connection to the Locusts than what was originally thought. It will also be fun to see JD, the son of Marcus Fenix, back in action with his comrades.

The hype is real for this game, and E3 is the perfect venue to share all sorts of new additions to this already beloved franchise.