Former League Of Legends Pro Player, Who Won The Rise Of The Elements Invitational Reveals Tier List For Season 2 Of TFT

Former League Of Legends Pro Player, Who Won The Rise Of The Elements Invitational Reveals Tier List For Season 2 Of TFT
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

The season 2 TFT set has been recently released on the live servers by the developers, Riot Games.

As the meta takes time to settle in, pro players start chiming in with their opinions and analysis. Former League of Legends pro player Jang ‘Keane’ Lay-young, who made a smooth transition from the League of Legends scene to the Teamfight Tactics scene, released his tier list recently.

As far as champions go, the general idea is that the S tier champions are: Kindred, Kha’Zix, Qiyana, Master Yi, Lux, Sion, Malzahar, and Diana. All of them have different classes, elements, and unit costs, allowing for flexible drafts during the game. The reason for being S tier are noted down below by Keane:

1) Kindred is a three mana cost champion and has the traits: Inferno, Ranger, and Shadow. When building around a Shadow comp, which gives units increased damage at the start of combat and refreshes on takedowns, it is quintessential to have Kindred as the primary carry.

2) Kha’Zix is a four cost champion that can snowball the game by killing the backline quite fast, while Qiyana, if leveled up, can CC the entire team for 3-5 seconds.

3) The low-cost units of Malzahar, Sion, and Diana, being in S tier, was a surprise to many. Still, Keane explained that the Inferno element is potent on Diana, especially if combined with some items.

While the ex-League of Legends pro player suggests focusing the stronger champions, those in a lower tier can be picked up to form the perfect comp as well, except the D/E tier where the heroes are fragile and not worth to build your comp.

The item list correlates with the champion list since Master Yi is at the top of the list with Blademaster trait, picking up a Blade of the Ruined King to hit the Blademaster buff will make him unstoppable and give him tools to carry the games on his own. Guinsoo was a reliable item in the last set and remained an essential item in this set as well, at the top of the standings. The former pro player suggests staying away from items in the last trait since they won’t impact the game at all.

While the tier list seems to be trustworthy and has some pro-players backing it up, the season 2 set hasn’t been on the live servers for an extended period. The tier list might change once players discover more successful combos, or some champions get nerfed or buffed soon.

Stay tuned for more Teamfight Tactics news as the meta settles in in the following weeks.