Famous Twitch Streamer Asmongold Announces His Return Following Break-up With Pink Sparkles

Famous Twitch Streamer Asmongold Announces His Return Following Break-up With Pink Sparkles
Credit: AsmongoldTV

No one was more excited about the World of Warcraft Classic than Asmongold. After pressure from friends and fans, Zack gave in and decided to play in a PVP server. Unfortunately, it is more challenging for someone as famous as him to stroll around Azeroth and not be ganked. Between him getting killed over and over while girlfriend Pink Sparkles decided to end things, the streamer of nine years has had enough.

When he announced his hiatus, Asmon said he doesn’t know how long it will be, “probably a week.” After more than 100 days, he decided to come back to entertaining his fans over at Twitch. “One week; streams will resume one week from today,” he presents on his YouTube channel. “April 2nd… So, that’s the plan right now, guys,” the 28-year old continues.

The World of Warcraft player also sets forth that the return stream will start around 9-10 am (ish). He also thanks all the fans for continued support and patience for his issues. “Those of you that have not, I understand too, it’s been quite a while. I do apologize for that, but I think it’s about time.”

Zack recalls the moment he realizes its time to go back. He recollects the entertainer was sitting in his car, talking to himself, much like how he would speak to his stream. And that’s when it hits him; he would much rather talk about something to his Twitch chat than to himself.

On another video, Asmon talked that if he’s coming back to streaming, it will be for the retail WoW and not Classic. He said that Battle for Azeroth, for the moment, is giving him more excitement and enjoyment, especially on stream. One example, as he continues, was when he wiped for three hours on King Mechagon on Hard Mode. During his recent video, though, no word on whether he’ll be coming to BfA as he previously said.

The top streamer also adds that if Shadowlands Alpha comes early, he would turn on his stream and play it instead.

Asmongold clarifies that he doesn’t intend this to be a massive return celebration, “I don’t plan on making this some big event.” He explains that he wants it to be the “usual stuff,” a get-together while fans can watch and chill. During his break from streaming, his best on stream buddy, McConnell, has been streaming on and off. It can be remembered that just before all of these happened, the duo has a minor spat over some raid loot.