Fallout 76’s Wastelanders Update Is Going Over Positively With The Community Thus Far

Fallout 76’s Wastelanders Update Is Going Over Positively With The Community Thus Far
Credit: IGN via YouTube

If you’ve stuck around Fallout 76 for the big Wastelanders update, now you can rejoice. It’s officially out for all major platforms. Based on early details and trailers, it showed a lot of promise. NPCs are finally in the mix, there are new missions, and you now have added motivation moving throughout the West Virginia lands.

It has been out for roughly two days now, but already, the community seems to be remarking positively on it. That’s great news for Bethesda. When Fallout 76 originally released, it was one of the most talked about games for not the best of reasons. Clearly, the community was upset with the developer’s decision to forgo NPCs. Also, a ton of bugs were present.

Now that the Wastelanders update has come out, the many issues are gone. The community has taken their positive experiences to the game’s Reddit page. Everyone seems to be in agreement: The NPCs are a welcomed addition and dramatically change the way Fallout 76 plays.

Before, you would be directed by robots and audio logs. That made for a very lonely and tedious experience, unless you were playing in a party. Not everyone can hook up with friends at a moment’s notice, though. The Wastelanders update fortunately enables you to get wrapped up in social interaction after social interaction thanks to the NPCs. Now, these West Virginia lands are teaming with life. Everything seems to matter.

The community has also enjoyed the missions that the various human characters task them with. There is a sense of purpose with each one, whether you’re scavenging an abandoned building for resources or just trying to take out a monstrous creature. Interacting with each character and having dialogue options to choose from has given the community a lot of great experiences as well.

It’s great to see Fallout 76 turn over a new leaf. On paper, it had a lot of potential. The environments looked stunning visually and begged to be explored. Now there is substance with these environments and that should make this game much better overall. Bethesda isn’t done with the game either. You can bet that after this major update, they’ll continue to support the title and ensure fans have amazing experiences in every important category.

Sure, Fallout 76 started off a little rocky and seemed destined to sink, but Bethesda has steered the title in the right direction. Who knows how much better this shooter RPG can get with even more tweaks?