E3 2019 Announcement – Tales of Arise – New RPG For Xbox One Set To Release Next Year

E3 2019 Announcement – Tales of Arise – New RPG For Xbox One Set To Release Next Year
Credit: Xbox Tales Of Arise Promotional Image

The Tales of RPG series has been coming back into the spot. The games have been around for over 20 years sharing adventures and magic with fans. At E3 the next game in the series has been announced with a news producer at the helm.

Tales of Arise is the newest addition to the series. New producer, Yusuke Tomizawa, is hoping to push the game to a whole new generation of fans and open a new chapter in the series. The game is planned to be released on Xbox One.

Tales of Arise is set to take place in a brand-new location featuring the sister planets Rena and Dahna. “The world of Rena is highly developed, with advances made in science and technology whereas Dahna leans to a more medieval setting,” reads the official announcement.

The people on Dahna regard Rena as a holy place where only the divine and the dead reside. Reality is quite different as Rena has subjugated the people of Dahna for 300 years. Through this conflict, two of the heroes emerge coming from different planets with a shared goal to help save their worlds.

The series is known for highlighting the plight of its characters who strive to achieve their justice. The games focus on the characters make players experience decisions that are both morally right and wrong. Some heroes have a darkened past or villains may have a distorted idea of righteousness. This adds a genuinely dynamic nature to the cast’s personality and narrative.

The goal of their new game Tales of Arise is to dive deep into these themes and show characters that have relatable personal struggles with their inner demons. This duality will play a significant role in the overall setting and story of this new game.

Tales of Arise features work by veteran character designer Minoru Iwamoto and have a more realistic feel that vies life to the world and cast. Careful detail has been added to increase the overall immersion that players will feel during their experience. Tales of Arise has announced that this feature will have the most in-game animation ever in the series.

The game runs on the Unreal 4 engine giving it fast load times, and fluid feels to the combat and experience. This engine is known for powering a lot of modern games and is a tried and true product.

Tales of Arise will be released worldwide in 2020 on Xbox One. It seems that the game is planned to be an exclusive for the console although no official statement has yet been released.