Dragon Age 4 Is Officially Under Development For The Upcoming The PlayStation 5 Console

Dragon Age 4 Is Officially Under Development For The Upcoming The PlayStation 5 Console
Credit: Dragon Age Via YouTube

It seems like ages since the gaming world got its first look at the teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4. In reality, it was only two years ago. The teaser appeared during the 2018 Game Awards and didn’t really show us anything of note.

Since then, BioWare has kept their lips zipped about plans for one of the developer’s most iconic franchises.

However, just a few days before Sony is prepared to reveal its new PlayStation 5 console, we got word that the long-awaited Dragon Age 4 will be dropping on the PS5.

The digital edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine for July revealed a whopping 38 games that are currently in development for the PlayStation 5. One of them has been confirmed to be Dragon Age 4.

The magazine does not officially go on sale until June 2, but regarding Dragon Age 4, it states, “it’s been six years since the last game but a sequel is definitely coming, and it will be on Sony’s next generation console.”

This news is not entirely shocking. We all know that this game is still in development, and with the new console generation currently scheduled to launch for the holiday season, it stands to reason that the next entry into this franchise would come on next generation consoles.

Dragon Age Inquisition straddled the launch of the current console generation. It was released for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, along with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While it’s possible that the same could happen with this game, it will entirely depend upon the release date. If the game is not coming out for another two years, it’s possible that it will be exclusive to next generation consoles.

It’s also not likely that Dragon Age 4 will come out for the PlayStation 5 alone. If BioWare stays true to form, the game will come out for both PS5 and the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X.

Now the question becomes, when are we going to get some more information? Many are wondering if, when the PlayStation 5 is officially revealed by Sony on June 4, Dragon Age 4 will be one of the titles showcased.

It’s entirely possible, given how quiet BioWare has been over the last two years. We might get a sampling of what this new game is going to be about. As of now, we only have the events of Dragon Age Inquisition and its subsequent DLC to go off of.

Since BioWare teased the project early on in development, it is possible that we still have quite a wait ahead of us for Dragon Age 4.