Dice Legacy Is A Unique Spin On The Traditional Survival City-Builder, Planned Release For Steam Later This Month

Dice Legacy Is A Unique Spin On The Traditional Survival City-Builder, Planned Release For Steam Later This Month
Credit: Firesquid via Youtube

Firesquid has published a unique version of a survival city-builder titled Dice Legacy. In this title, you use your dice to build up a miniature medieval town all inside a ring-shaped world. It takes the dice and makes them a core part of the game experience, which is a different way to handle resource management in any city-builder.

Players will have to balance exploration, research gathering, building, and conquering all the while exploring the world around their settlement. You are the ruler of your people and must guide them on their quest to discover in and uncharted land.

For many, the interest in this title combines the passions of two major groups of gamers. This title has both video game features and aspects that are unique to tabletop games. This combines into a truly one-of-a-kind experience that you will not find in many other similar titles.

As you upgrade your dice from basic dice into Citizens, Soldiers, Priests, or Merchants, you create a balanced society. You can also focus all your dice and create a society that specializes in only one thing. It is up to you to define your settlement and defend if from The Others.

Once you have chosen your strategy, you must gather resources from the forest, mines, and hunting grounds and build up your stockpiles. Using these resources, you construct new buildings and research new technologies, or even recruit new dice as you prepare for the winter.

Only the most clever of players will be able to unlock the secrets of the ring along with the truth behind The Others. The dice add an interesting aspect to the game. The dice themselves determine the resources you gather and whether or not you will be able to expand or defend your settlement.

The game includes a procedurally generated map that will give you events in a roguelite loop. You can force new dice, fuse them together, and eventually create the ultimate die, which will be carried with you through each playthrough. This fantastical journey in the strange world will pique the interest of fantasy and steampunk fans alike. Only you can find the truth of the land or risk falling prey to corruption and losing your way forever.

Dice Legacy is headed to PC this Summer 2020. Consoles are planned for a later date and are yet to be announced. There is tons of information to be found on the Dice Legacy official website.