Cooler Master GS750 Is The RGB Gaming Headset Stand You Didn’t Think You Needed

Cooler Master GS750 Is The RGB Gaming Headset Stand You Didn’t Think You Needed
Credit: coolermaster

The Cooler Master introduces the GS750 RGB gaming headset stand will help clean up your gaming station.

The headset stand has a wireless charging base, with fast charging capabilities. It will help organize your gaming station while charging your mobile devices at the same time. The product features two USB ports (3.0) located on the right and left of the device.

There’s also an option to plug the gaming headset onto the stand to enhance the sound. The Cooler Master GS750 has 7.1 Surround Sound on board. You can just connect the stand using the 3.5mm jack.

The RGB lighting can be customized so you can personalize your own gaming headset stand. The product is bound to be a conversation starter, especially if the RGB lights are in sync with your PC.

Another advantage of the Cooler Master gaming headset stand is the cable management functionality. This is a good way to keep your gaming desk tidy and neat. The cables and wires are hidden at the back of the aluminum neck.

Gamers could be forgiven if they balk at that price. Some are content with hanging their headphones on a hook or just an ordinary headset stand. But they only serve to take up space and clutter your gaming desk more. It’s a good bet that your wires would be all over due to the lack of cable management functionality.

But if you are looking for a charging headphone stand, there are cheaper alternatives to the Cooler Master. For instance, the Kafri gaming headset hanger is sold for just $35. It features three charging ports via USB and two outlet. It also has RGB lighting to complement your build.

However, the Cooler Master has Qi charging. Although there are other wireless charging methods, the Qi has become the yardstick. That’s because it’s being widely supported by Apple and Samsung for both the Android and iOS. One edge of Qi is that it was way ahead of everybody in the game as it launched way back in 2010. Fortunately, the company has continued to innovate, which is why Qi wireless charging is still the gold standard today. When operating Qi charging, you need to make sure that the power supply is plugged to an outlet.

The Cooler Master GS750 RGB gaming headset hanger is being sold at Amazon for $79.99. That’s a steep price to pay for a fancy looking stand.