Conan Unconquered Impresses With Co-Op Gameplay; Features Hyborian God And Rotting Corpses

Conan Unconquered Impresses With Co-Op Gameplay; Features Hyborian God And Rotting Corpses

Petroglyph is currently developing Conan Unconquered, a survival RTS wherein the powerful barbarian slugs it out against armies of baddies.

A recent preview build of the upcoming game showed its concept isn’t entirely original but still plays out well. With its co-op style of play, gamers need to work as a unit by establishing a stronghold and then defending it.

With the title’s rollout set for May 30, Funcom has come up with a trailer teasing its gameplay. And from the looks of it, the game is what a regular RTS should be.

Players must extract and manage resources, while new units and abilities can be unlocked through the aid of research trees. It also offers a couple of unusual elements.

In Conan Unconquered, the hero, together with his comrades, make an early appearance in the game as they take on opponents.

But it doesn’t take long for the action to heat up and players will have to build their strongholds and reinforce them. This is where co-op play really kicks in, and team members must work together to survive the onslaught, according to PC Gamer.

However, as you fend off the invading forces, a major concern arises: the piles of dead bodies left in the battlefield.

The rotting corpses could bring disease to your men and incapacitate them down for good. On the other hand, the diseased combatants could be brought to life by necromancers and turned into an army of the undead.

In the meantime, players who follow a research path will enable Conan to summon the Avatar of Mitra.

He is a colossal version of the Hyborian god who can crush people and structures with his giant step.

But there is a downside though in summoning this behemoth, and that is, he doesn’t choose whom he stomps on. So, careful thought must be given before calling upon him.

Players of Conan Unconquered will be pleased that their characters will be able to travel across the game world’s vast landscapes. They will also have a chance to duke it out with temple guardians to gain artifacts with unique powers.

The game may not score high points for originality, but it still packs a lot of excitement for an RTS.

Petroglyph shared that They Are Billions was a major inspiration in creating, Conan Unconquered.

However, the latter may have an edge in term of unit variety, particularly on the side of the invading armies. Players also need to feed their troops well when not engaged in combat, according to Rock Paper Shotgun.

Gamers must also keep in mind that in-game resources are quite limited. Therefore, continuous expansion must be carried out in order to defend their stronghold. Moreover, the best goodies are under the close watch of mini-monster bosses.

They are also under the protection of enemy swarms based at undisclosed locations across the Conan Unconquered game map.