British Actor Of Netflix’s Sex Education, Asa Butterfield, Joins Team Liquid

British Actor Of Netflix’s Sex Education, Asa Butterfield, Joins Team Liquid
Credit: Netflix UK & Ireland

Team Liquid announced a rather bizarre addition to their growing profile of pros and content creators. But this team, the organization, did not only shock eSports but the Hollywood, as well. The leading actor of Netflix’s Sex Education, Asa Butterfield, signed with Liquid as tweeted today. Though the team did not explicitly said what the actor would do for the org, perhaps the move is not that odd considering his history.

Butterfield has starred in two seasons of Sex Education as Otis Milburn. He was also featured in movies such as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and The Space Between Us. Outside of his acting career, he has competed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and was listed under an eSports org the Panda Global. Under the gamer tag Stimpy, he joined the team in February 2019 and has Pikachu as his main.

The Twitter account of Team Liquid proudly announces, “Welcome to the Liquid Family, @asabfb. We’re happy to have you onboard, and look forward to seeing what you accomplish next.” The tweet then playfully suggests that Asa could be a sub for Dota or Smash for TL.

The actor returned the favor on his Twitter account with ecstasy writing that he is in disbelieve. He recalled looking up Starcraft2 streams and knowing Team Liquid, then. He continues, “Thanks for bringing me in gang, let’s do some coooool sh*t.” Neither parties shared the contract details, whether Asa will play for any titles or he’ll be a content creator.

On Liquid’s website, the new addition was not added for their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team. Some speculate that he could be a streamer for the organization, though his Twitch account has been inactive since 2017. He has 2,000 followers and no video archived. He could also just be an endorser for TL. This movement from mainstream media to video games is not particularly trailblazer. We’ve seen Sir Robert Bryson “Logic” Hall II retire from rapping and move on to become a signed Twitch streamer.

The fans on Twitter cannot skip the jokes from the show Sex Education as part of the announcement. One fan asks what is he signed for, where another took the chance to say, “sex coach, I think.” Another replied to Liquid’s tweet, “Guess he’s here to give sexual advice to the players.”

Butterfield’s role in the Netflix hit show surrounds the high school student Otis, who advises on teenagers’ questions and problems regarding puberty and sexual encounters.