Blizzard Releases Patch Notes For Upcoming Warcraft III: Reforged Patch

Blizzard Releases Patch Notes For Upcoming Warcraft III: Reforged Patch
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The launch of Warcraft III: Reforged has been widely regarded over the last few months as one of the worst, most disgraceful launches a game has ever experienced – especially from a developer like Blizzard. Reforged launched in a completely unfinished state, with a massive amount of content missing, and the content that wasn’t missing barely being playable.

That said, the developers have continued to strive to update the game to the condition it should’ve been in at launch. While the game should never have been released in the condition it was released in, kudos go to the developers who have stayed and stomped out fires instead of leaving the game to burn.

One of the main things being added in this next update is the reinstating of single-player custom games. Additionally, the developers fixed multiple crashes to custom game modes, such as Custom Hero Survival. Other fixes have been applied to Instance API natives in relation to unit attacks.

Moving to the art, there are quite a few fixes that feel, as these patch notes often do, as things that shouldn’t have needed to be fixed at all. Here are a few of the fixes coming with the new patch:

  • Ogre Magi will no longer disappear in the middle of their attack animation
  • Undead units with missing footprints have had this fixed, and vehicles will now have a continuous rolling footprint
  • Fire visual effect placements on the Townhall, Keep, and Castle have been altered to add readability to their damaged state
  • Female Death Knight model has been updated to have the correct visual effects for spell casting
  • Female Demon Hunter has been scaled up to match the Male Demon Hunter’s silhouette
  • Four visually distinctive Northrend trees have been added – Icy Tree Wall, Northrend Tree Wall, Snowy Tree Wall, Scorched Tree Wall
  • The Tuskarr Trapper will now throw his own spear when attacking
  • Portrait animations have come to a multitude of units, including High Elves, Peasants, Night Elf Runners, and the corrupted counterparts of a variety of units

As time goes on, it’s been great to see Blizzard not abandoning the title and working to get it to the quality that was originally expected. However, looking through patch notes and seeing some of the glitches and bugs that are present can really drive home exactly how unfinished the game was at launch. While the team is doing a great job of continuing with development, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to be looking favorably on the release at any time in the near future.