Bethesda Confirms No Elder Scrolls 6 Or Starfield Will Come At E3 This Year

Bethesda Confirms No Elder Scrolls 6 Or Starfield Will Come At E3 This Year
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Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 fans will have to put off their excitement to see the games this year. Bethesda Game Studios have recently announced that the two much-awaited games will not come out at E3 this year.

Todd Howard, Bethesda’s executive producer, confirmed it during the studio’s hosting of the PAX East panel. There was no exact date mentioned and Howard’s usage of the phrase “long time” proves indefinite.

The two games are Bethesda’s next big role-playing games. A lot of players are waiting to get some updates about it this year.

However, Howard said it wouldn’t be among the topics to talk about in their upcoming presentation this June. He also appealed to everyone to “be patient.” The two games were given micro teasers during the 2018 E3. Even Rage 2 and Fallout 76 appeared in last year’s E3.

Howard, on the other hand, shared he already has the release dates for Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. As expected, he did not give out details on that, not even a hint. He said it “would be foolish to say” the release dates and most people seem to agree.

But the games’ non-arrival this year apparently came as an expected announcement. Game critics have cited there were already previous hints that gave away TESO 6 and Starfield’s arrival. Game developers have already said Starfield would come in first before TESO 6.

In PAX Australia 2018, Pete Hines of Bethesda and Matt Firor of ZeniMax said so for TESO 6. The two said it won’t probably be out until the new console hardware surfaces.

It was said the waiting time for the arrival of next-gen consoles for the game is between 18 months and two years. Both titles were also described previously as still in their early development stages.

To appease Elder Scrolls fans waiting to see something for its anniversary, Howard offered something to look forward to.

During the presentation in PAX East, Howard showed their latest game engine. The new technology, he said, will be seen first in Starfield. Howard then added that it will have a second version for the Elder Scrolls 6. The latest technology was discussed in a thread in Resetera where it seems players will get more authentic scenes.

The E3 press conference will be held on June 9, 5:30 PM/PT. Viewers at home can watch it via live streaming. So far, Doom Eternal is expected to make an appearance.