A New Pokemon Master Developer Update Helps Shed Light On The Future Of The Mobile Title

A New Pokemon Master Developer Update Helps Shed Light On The Future Of The Mobile Title
Credit: The Pokemon Company

The producers of Pokemon Masters took a moment to share with fans details about the new Sync Grid feature, January’s legendary event, and what they can expect from the next update. The game has seen great success since its launch by providing a close to traditional Pokemon experience on the mobile market.

The game has had several updates and earlier this month announced the legendary event that is soon to come. From cute pairs to familiar characters, players everywhere are enjoying what Pokemon Masters has brought to the fandom.

Very soon, Sync Grids are due to go live in a content update for the game. This feature will let players strengthen their sync pairs using the grid. The grid itself will be rolling out slowly through in-game events, so make sure to stay informed for more updates on the official Pokemon Masters site.

The concept is fairly basic. Players activate tiles on the sync grid using sync orbs. At the beginning of a battle, a message that says “Sync orb chance!” might appear, and if it does, it opens up a chance to use a sync move during the battle. If you use the move, you have a higher chance at encountering sync orbs as drops.

As said previously, a new legendary event is due in late January. A dragon Pokemon is said to be the headlining monster, but not much else is known. Event Mission Bingo will also be debuting with items and training available, as well as a chance to get sync orbs.

There will be tons of opponents that are weak to Rock-type attacks appearing throughout the Legendary event. It is best that players train up Sygna Suit Brock & Tyranitar and Grant & Amaura for a better advantage. Moves that can lower your enemy’s defense might become a vital point for success.

The upcoming update will give players additional ways to use their favorite sync pairs. Certain items in training events will allow players to raise the levels of sync moves for sync pairs that joined you during the main story. Also, whenever you are hit by an opponent’s sync move in battle, you will find that the raised stats of all your allied sync pairs will no longer return to normal. There will also be some adjustments to EX Challenge’s difficulty so players can enjoy them on a more casual basis.

There is tons more to learn about what is to come, including word of a six-month anniversary in February. You can find a full list of updates and information on the official Pokemon Masters website. Remember, This game is free to play on Android and iOS devices, so please check the appropriate shop for download options if you want to get involved in this spin on the classic Pokemon experience.