A New Camera Hack For Playable Teaser, Or PT, Reveals A Horrifying Image That Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

A New Camera Hack For Playable Teaser, Or PT, Reveals A Horrifying Image That Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
Credit: Silent Hill Wiki

It has been five years since the release of PT, Playable Teaser, and the cancelation of the newest game in the Silent Hill project. Even in its demo form, the game is still finding ways to horrify fans and continue its reign as one of the kings of digital horror. A fan of the series has uncovered yet another horrible secret within the game.

As you travel down the hallway, you get this feeling that something or someone is behind you. From sound cues to unfamiliar shadows, the game continues to give you an uneasy feeling of being watched. The pacing, music, and feel of the game environment only goes to amplify this feeling.

A fan named Lance McDonald hacked PT’s camera and revealed a horrifying secret. She is following you. She has always been following you. It is clearly shown in his tweets that by fixing the camera in place, you are able to see that Lisa attaches herself to your back the moment you get your hands on a flashlight.

She does much more than simply follow you. She makes sounds, moves objects, and casts a shadow on the wall. Without the camera hack, all attempts to view her would be defeated as she simply disappears if you turn around.

Fans are in deep discussion across the internet as to what this means story-wise in the Silent Hill franchise. Fans say that seeing her sends chills up their spines and the fact that someone is actually behind you adds to the brilliant design of the game. Up until now, it has been an environmental effect revolving around clever lighting and good sound design.

When PT was originally released back in 2014, it was meant to tease a new game directed by Hideo Kojima and Gullermo del Toro. Even though it teases a game that will never be made, it still has become one of the most bone-chilling and terrifying horror games ever made.

After it was officially removed from the PSN store fans, have made it a cult classic. Many attempts have been made to recreate and re-release the experience on PC, and the original demo is still highly valued to this day by fans who did not manage to download it while it was available.

So now fans know. Every moment that you travel down the hallway, every hair that stands up on the back of your neck, letting you know something is wrong. She is watching. She is there and even when you can not see her, she is still waiting to do something horrible.