Kill It With Fire’s Demo Ignition Is Now Available On Steam

Kill It With Fire’s Demo Ignition Is Now Available On Steam
Credit: Bluedrake42 via YouTube

One of the more interesting games set to release this summer is Kill It With Fire. It’s a game where you hunt spiders in residential properties and subsequently cause damage to nearby structures. It’s a pretty unique concept that we haven’t really seen yet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until this summer to experience its fun and unique action. Ignition — the game’s demo — is now available on Steam. So if you want to test your luck at taking down creep crawlers in epic fashion, it’s definitely worth the download.

You’ll enjoy first-person visuals that really immerse you in the spider-hunting action. The room models stand out right away because of their details. You can tell the developer has a lot of experience with 3D modeling as the rooms are immaculate and filled with furniture and personal possessions.

There are many nooks and crannies that the spiders can hide in, and that’s what you’ll be doing a majority of the time. You’ll have industry-standard spider tracking software to help you out. Once you do pinpoint a spider’s location, how to neutralize them is completely up to you.

Shooting bullets, spraying them with fire, and throwing ninja stars at them are all completely possible. Sure, these extermination tactics may be a little excessive, but you’ll stop at nothing to defeat these eight-legged creatures.

The more violent your extermination methods are, the more destruction you can cause in the house. Such as simple concept is featured beautifully in Kill It With Fire. There are hours of fun content to look forward to and a bevvy of weapons to access and master. Ignition lets you experience the first chapter, which is about half an hour of gameplay. That’s plenty of time to see what the developer is going for.

We’ve all probably had bad experiences with spiders, but now’s your time to get your revenge without having to harm spiders in real life. You can get back at them for creeping around the house without giving a heads up. You’ll just need to be on guard and put yourself in the shoes of the spider. That will net you all kinds of epic killing opportunities.

It’s rare that a game like Kill It With Fire comes around, but when it does, that’s all the more reason to celebrate its unique gameplay and designs. And if you like the demo, keep a lookout for the official release in just a couple of months.