World War Z Is Currently Being Developed For The Nintendo Switch

World War Z Is Currently Being Developed For The Nintendo Switch
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There have been a lot of zombie games to hit the marketplace, especially as of late. It’s hard to really blame developers either. The concept of fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic world is a recipe for a good time for gamers. However, very few have depicted zombie hordes the way World War Z has. The game puts the horde concept front in center, where players have to think critically to figure out a way to stop their seemingly never-ending attacks.

Although World War Z has received mixed reviews since launch, it still gets a lot of things right. The horde being at the top of the list, but it also has a great co-op design. You can play with friends and figure out a way to get past each stage, all while dealing with adrenaline-pumping action.

The game has now been out for a year, and finally, it’s coming to the Switch. That’s according to Saber Interactive. In fact, it’s currently in development along with a World War Z: Game of the Year Edition. So if you’ve ever wanted to fight zombies in portable mode, now you can in due time.

On paper, World War Z sounds like a match made in heaven for the Switch. It will be one of few zombie games on the platform. People truly do love this genre. This is clear with the number of titles that have featured zombies these last few years. It seems Saber Interactive recognizes this and wants to continue to push the genre on the Switch.

Switch gamers are in store for a real treat, too. World War Z forces players into some tense scenarios. There are four total campaign chapters, featuring a different part of the world. In this way, the game has plenty of visual variety. It’s always fun seeing zombie hordes in different settings. The goal in each chapter is to find a way through the level, which will involve critical-thinking and team collaboration.

Although some gamers haven’t been thrilled because of the sometimes repetitive design, the combat shines bright. It has a very Left 4 Dead feel and gives zombie-lovers another opportunity to put their melee and shooting skills to the test. Sure, World War Z isn’t perfect, but it’s a great addition to the Switch. Now, a whole new wave of gamers will be able to experience its fun and sometimes over the top action. That’s worth celebrating.