Wolfenstein: Youngblood Is Now Available To Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Is Now Available To Xbox Game Pass Subscribers
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass is constantly receiving new games every month. That’s a huge part of this game subscription service’s appeal. Just when you thought you’ve played it all, a new lineup is added that gives you all the more reason to stick around. It just happened again and looking at the lineup, there are a lot of great offerings.

One of these is Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the first-person shooter by MachineGames. It has received a lot of mixed reviews since launching last year, but if you already have an Xbox Game Pass membership, it definitely is worth checking out.

It’s distinct from previous installments in that it supports co-op. That was an important improvement that got a lot of fans of this franchise excited. Co-op experiences are special for a lot of reasons. For one, they give you the chance to bond with a friend. They also make difficult sections much easier to get through. It’s great that MachineGames improved upon the series and put a lot of emphasis on social experiences.

The story in this latest Wolfenstein installment centers around BJ Blazkowicz’s two twin daughters. They’ve set out to stop the Nazi regime in Paris, and to do so, the developers have given them a wide variety of  new weapons. The further along you get, the more weapons and upgrades you’ll be able to unlock. You also have the ability to change your character’s cosmetics.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood also departs from the series’ classic template by providing you with more of an open-world experience. More games today are starting to feature these environments because they give rise to so many more opportunities and provide an added sense of freedom. You certainly feel more in control of what’s going on in this game thanks to the explorative design.

The first-person shooter mechanics aren’t perfect, but they’re enough to provide you with fun experiences. You’ll certainly have a ball going through the main story with a friend in co-op mode. This latest addition to Xbox Game Pass shows just how great of a service it is.

There are always AAA games to look forward to every month. You may not be able to purchase them outright when they first come out, but if you remain patient, odds are they’ll end up on this platform at some point. That’s when the fun can really begin and you don’t have to break the bank in the slightest.