Separation Launches March 4 Bringing The Ultimate In Virtual Reality Retreats, A Unique And Peaceful PlayStation VR Experience

Separation Launches March 4 Bringing The Ultimate In Virtual Reality Retreats, A Unique And Peaceful PlayStation VR Experience
Credit: PSVR Underground via Youtube

Tons of Virtual Reality experiences have players running around slaying beasts, enjoying rhythm-based activities, or solving puzzles. Separation offers a different kind of experience with a more casual and relaxed environment. The game will be fully launched on PlayStation VR from independent developer Recluse Industries’ Martin Wheeler.

After three years of solo development, he brings a game full of stunning visuals and carefully placed exploration. Wheeler states that the game “is all about giving players some solitude and space away from today’s constantly connected world.” The total experience is about two hours long, and from the look of it, this will be a tranquil, relaxing video game for those who need a place to space out and chill.

In a post written on the PlayStation Blog Wheeler describes the game as an ‘ambient adventure.’ It will have a relaxed exploration theme with some minor puzzle elements, but no time pressure of any kind. Players can just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of the world with the ambiance of the tranquil music.

The game has been described as a “spiritual journey into epic desolation” and it features no combat or hard puzzles. Just tranquil music, beautiful landscapes, and a calming experience that will leave players relaxed and happy to explore.

Solitude is rare in today’s hyper-connected world. Wheeler hopes that this VR title will bring a calm to the never-ending storm of information, and give the player a true taste at isolation. This will help many players reflect on the world around them and feel at ease in a separate reality.

This brings a whole new perspective to the idea of Virtual Reality as it enforces a literal separation between digital and real. Created as a place for the designer to explore his own feelings of emptiness and loss, the entire world feels desolate and alone on purpose.

Other news outlets see this as a creepy and possibly eerie reality to exist in, but Wheeler sees something much more in his creation. Like a monk seeking enlightenment through meditation, a new appreciation for isolation could be developed through this title. Many fans are ready for this symbolic journey and can not wait for their own mental breakthroughs in a truly empty world.

Separation will be available on PlayStation VR. There is currently no information as to if or when this will reach other platforms, but at least fans will not have to wait long for the PSVR release.