Rocket League’s New Heatseeker Mode Begins April 16th, Continuing Until April 20th

Rocket League’s New Heatseeker Mode Begins April 16th, Continuing Until April 20th
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Psyonix is adding a new game mode to Rocket League – but not for long! The Heatseeker game mode is going to be going live on Thursday, April 16th, and continuing on through the weekend until Monday, April 20th.

Rocket League has more than a few silly game modes to take a break from the aerial-filled ranked matches and What A Save!-spammed chats of standard play. The Heatseeker mode – while temporary – joins the ranks of somewhat-silly but still incredibly fun game modes.

In Heatseeker, accuracy simultaneously becomes both more and less important. This 3v3 online game mode rewards players for hitting the ball but punishes them for not hitting it well enough.

The ball will automatically seek your opponent’s net once it’s been hit, giving you a bit of aim assistance. However, if you miss the goal and it bounces off the backboard, it will immediately fire back towards your goal. Every time the ball is touched by a player or the backboard, it’ll pick up a good amount of speed, making each consecutive hit more of a risk and a harder hit to make. Of course, when your opponent hits the ball, it’ll automatically seek your goal, too.

The first team to score seven goals in this game mode wins, with the matches picking up speed as time goes on. You’ll earn experience and items as usual in Heatseeker, so while it won’t be increasing your ranked ladder standings at all, it’s still an amazingly fun (albeit hectic) way to hit the tiers of your battle pass. In fact, since this game mode potentially could go even faster than a normal match, it might be an excellent way for you to grind out a couple of tiers on your battle pass, as Heatseeker rewards the same amount of experience a normal match will.

But there’s more coming with the game mode than an addicting sense of fun, of course. Players that log in during the time that the event is active will also get a free item, the Hynoteks Player Banner. This is the only way for you to grab this banner, so make sure that you’re logging in, even if it’s only to grab the banner!

Heatseeker will only be active for four days and there’s no telling if Psyonix intends to add it back in afterward. Make sure that you’re playing it as much as you can before it goes away for good!