Red Dead Redemption II PC Official Trailer – New Story Mode Additions And Enhanced Graphics On The Way November 5th

Red Dead Redemption II PC Official Trailer – New Story Mode Additions And Enhanced Graphics On The Way November 5th
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

Arthur Morgan is finally getting his place on the PC stage. It has been cautiously talked about for the last few months that it was likely Red Dead Redemption for PC was on its way, and now it has been confirmed by Rockstar for a November 5th release date.

While the trailer itself is stunning, you can watch it below, the most promising details to emerge from the official trailer release are hints at upgrades to the game world. New details, new graphics, and even new gameplay features that differ from the original console release.

The first Red Dead Redemption never made it to PC and it’s always been a sore spot for keyboard and mouse lovers. While the game looks incredible on a console, the PC gives gamers more freedom when it comes to enhancing the game’s graphics.

While Rockstar doesn’t have the greatest track record of porting their games from console to PC (does anyone remember the shambles that was GTA IV?), GTA: V is an example of why they want to make the Red Dead Redemption II PC version as good as possible. GTA V continues to be a huge earner with large online PC and console communities.

Whether or not Red Dead Redemption II will run decently on the PC is yet to be seen – always with these sorts of things it’s best to wait for actual gameplay footage before dropping a pre-order – but the promise of new graphics and details in the game world should get any fan of the series excited.

The trailer itself gives you a good glance at the enhanced lighting, detailed open-world and technical advancements which make 4k gameplay a possibility. There’s no doubt that the game is going to look stunning.

Plus, it’s hinted in the trailer description that there are going to be new story mode additions in the PC version. How they will play out, whether they follow on from the original story or are worked into the existing storyline, is yet to be seen.

Red Redemption Online is also mentioned and there’s no doubt that Rockstar will be working to improve its online content for the PC release. The Red Dead online community continues to grow as more features are added to emulate the success of GTA online.

Red Dead Redemption II PC version arrives November 5th with pre-orders available now, order before October 22nd and get access to free content.