Nintendo Switch “Year In Review” Website Lets Gamers Check Out Their 2019 Stats

Nintendo Switch “Year In Review” Website Lets Gamers Check Out Their 2019 Stats
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

The Nintendo Switch has continued to release exciting new titles since its launch in March 2017. Gamers have been putting in long hours on the popular new console.

Nintendo has created a new website for gamers to check out their end of the year stats.

Nintendo Switch owners can log-in and access their stats over 2019. The page is part of a tradition of many popular websites that let users review their year.

After logging in, players will be treated to a short Nintendo Switch journey. This “journey” is a review of all of a player’s actions since activating the device. The first game ever placed on the Switch is also highlighted.

For gamers who purchased the device at launch over two years ago, this may be a long journey or a short one for those who recently picked up a Switch over the holiday sales.

Players can see which game they played the most this year, along with the total hours spent playing all games. It’s a thorough list of everything the player loved and which game may not have met the player’s expectations. The data is seen at a yearly and monthly view.

The page doesn’t offer any additional bonus content, such as free games or credits. It’s simply a fun addition for gamers to either brag online or shares with friends. Nintendo generates images of the different types of data that are sharable online.

For those who are big fans of Nintendo, there is information about different games released on the Switch, like flashbacks to the release Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

There is a tally of how many Nintendo Gold Points Gamers have earned. This data is an interesting way to see how many points will be available to spend in 2020 or during any upcoming Nintendo Switch eShop holiday sales.

While this may not be groundbreaking data for most gamers, there are ways to use this information in the future. Some players may try to cut back the time they spend on their Switch or see that they weren’t spending as much time gaming as they originally thought.

It’s unknown how long the review website will be available or if it is available to all players around the world.