EA Confirms In Earnings Call That Bioware’s Dragon Age 4 Will Release Sometime After April 2022

EA Confirms In Earnings Call That Bioware’s Dragon Age 4 Will Release Sometime After April 2022
Credit: Dragon Age Via YouTube

When it comes to Dragon Age 4, longtime fans of the series have a lot to be excited (and fearful) about.

Dragon Age 4 is seen by many to be a make or break title for Bioware, which has seen a fall from grace in recent years.

The game’s predecessor, Dragon Age Inquisition, is seen by many to be the development studio’s last true commercial and critical success story.

Bioware is currently developing the game, having released a teaser trailer two years ago at the 2018 Game Awards. That trailer can be seen below.

The teaser was nothing more than an assortment of images and a voice over from Solas, one of the main party members of Inquisition who many believe will have a major role in the upcoming sequel game.

#TheDreadWolfRises also flashed across the screen before the trailer ended.

So, while we know that Bioware is currently developing this title, nothing else is abundantly clear regarding the game or its content at this time. It is unlikely that the game will be called Dragon Age 4, since Inquisition was not called Dragon Age 3. Dragon Age 2 remains the only numbered title in the franchise, and it is unlikely that Bioware will take a step back like that.

One thing that we do know, however, is that this game is unlikely to release anytime soon. In fact, recent comments made by EA during an earnings call have led many to believe that we won’t be seeing Dragon Age 4 until after April 2022.

During that call, EA confirmed that the title was in development, also noting that it would not release before their 2022 fiscal year. That begins in April, meaning we’re a little more than two years away from the game at the earliest.

What’s more, the timetable confirms another major suspicion about Dragon Age 4. It will be a next generation title released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 were both released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Inquisition also had a release on PS3 and the 360, but it was designed to work best on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are slated for release during the holiday season of 2020. That would put the release of Dragon Age 4 a full two years into the life cycle of these consoles. It is unlikely that, at that time, studios would continue to develop major titles for the previous generation of consoles.