A 3-For-1 Deal Arrives On Nintendo Switch This November: Indie Gems Bundle – Explosions Coming Soon

A 3-For-1 Deal Arrives On Nintendo Switch This November: Indie Gems Bundle – Explosions Coming Soon
Credit: Pixelnest Studio, Flying Oak Games, Alkemi

With Black Friday/the holidays upon us, “bang for your buck” is a phrase likely to crop up a fair few times, particularly for gamers. Eyes will be laser-focused on searching for deals and bargains in best efforts to get the optimal playing experience for the optimal price.

If such a thing has appeal on this upcoming holiday season, that would be the Indie Gems Bundle. Three bombastic games at a moderately discounted price are making their way to the eShop.

First comes Steredenn, a rougelike shoot-’em-up done in beautiful pixel style, featuring fast, frantic combat that’ll have your fingers twitching for more, even as you get blasted across space from a stray shot. The bullet hell elements will keep you on your toes, leading all the way up to epic, incredible boss battles that’ll test your skill, mettle, and reflexes in only the way an award-winning side-scrolling guns akimbo classic can.

Featuring 5 playable ships with unique playstyles and a signature ability, as well as heavy customization with 42 weapons and 30 upgrades, there’s a way to blast for everybody, and two-player co-op gives the couch something to shoot for–literally.

Next up is NeuroVoider, where, as a brain formerly in a jar, you become the ultimate party-crasher. No, really. Robots have been partying it up on a ruined Earth for who knows how long, and now you get the chance to fight back. Plug yourself into a suit of powered armor, gather up some weapons and upgrades, and just go to town on every robot you see.

A procedurally-generated twin-stick shooter sure to satisfy any solo player, take up to three friends along for the rampage in local co-op and blast apart enemies, collect loot, and put an end to the robot hoard, set to a thumping dark synth soundtrack.

Finally is Transcripted, taking twin-stick shooter and match 3 puzzle game, and bringing them together in a surprisingly effective unison. Take control of the Nano Probe, a microscopic drone used to fight disease, and destroy any foreign agents in your way. Armed with a plethora of weapons, health, gear, shields, and upgrades, no pathogen , can stand in your way as you complete your mission. A key selling point here is Transcripted’s replayability, thanks to the puzzle and shooting elements that can change independently.

Indie Gems Bundle: Explosions comes to Nintendo Switch November 28th, 2019.