Capcom Launches New Resident Evil Portal Website As The Go-To Source For Franchise News

Capcom Launches New Resident Evil Portal Website As The Go-To Source For Franchise News
Credit: Prime 1 Studio via YouTube

Capcom has been at work, creating a revamped website for serious Resident Evil fans. The company currently has an ambassador program that’s used to share news and special event opportunities, such as closed betas and in-person events.

The official ambassador Twitter account and newsletter recently announced the current fan website would go through a major rehaul. The new website will serve as the go-to source for the latest Resident Evil news.

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The benefit of the website is that it’s available for players worldwide. It’s also accessible for players new to the long-running series and series veterans who believe they know everything about the series.

All of the content that was previously included on the official Japanese Biohazard series website, Japanese Biohazard Club 96, Resident, Resident Evil Ambassador Program, and Resident Evil portal, will all be consolidated into one location. Players will no longer have to log in to different websites to access various content.

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Capcom also announced what fans could do on the Resident Evil portal. The first point is to “Learn.” Players can stay up to date on the latest Resident Evil information, promotions, merchandise, and more.

The second point is to “Enjoy.” Players will gain access that current and future Resident Evil fans can enjoy. The last point is to “Connect,” which is a major part of the Ambassador program. Players will have a place to connect with other Resident Evil fans through social media plus share their stats from the games across the world.

The Resident Evil Ambassador is still accepting members. The program has had to go through a few changes for the site, including how to earn points. To get started with the program, players will need a Capcom ID to sign up and link a Twitter account. Players can no longer access the program with a linked Facebook, Instagram, or LINE account.

The program is moving to focus more on posting to Twitter. Points that were made by posting on other social media are now worth zero points.

The news announcement also states some of the major changes made to the Resident website. The most significant changes include removing the Site Buddy feature, removing message boards, removing forums, and ending the consecutive login bonuses. That includes the Web Badges that were earned.

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The new portal is now live and Resident Evil Ambassadors received the notification this morning. The official Twitter account for the ambassador program will also have further information about the program.

The new Resident Evil portal is now available.