Sega Confirms Sonic Prime As Incoming Netflix Show For 2022 As Trend Continues To Develop

Sega Confirms Sonic Prime As Incoming Netflix Show For 2022 As Trend Continues To Develop
Credit: Sonic the Hedgehog via Twitter

Video games, if you haven’t heard, are making a massive amount of cash for businesses; all but Amazon, but that’s beside the point.

The gaming industry is now larger than music and Hollywood combined, and this isn’t likely going to change drastically as we continue to deal with a pandemic that has long overstayed its welcome.

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With The Witcher’s arrival to Netflix being met with fantastic fanfare from critics and fans alike (albeit with odd timetables and pacing that confuses even more experienced studies of the Polish series that was adapted) we’re looking at ever more video games being transferred into other media.

Hopefully, this newest trend can reach fruition without the traditional passing of the torch towards Uwe Boll, the notorious director that has dragged multiple video games into unfortunate film romps of bizarre dialogue and outlandish choreography featuring Bloodrayne, Postal, Far Cry, House of the Dead, and a dozen other that are assuredly more interesting to read about than to actually suffer through, unless you find yourself on the more interesting side of sadomasochism.

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Now, Sega has finally confirmed a long-running rumor that they are entering into Netflix with everyone’s favorite blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Called Sonic Prime, the original rumor came from 4Chan and it has proven to have merit. Netflix themselves accidentally leaked the animated series arrival in December of 2020, yet the tweet was deleted shortly after publishing.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that the Sonic franchise has entered into various mediums aside from video games – the recent Sonic film did well after thankfully redesigning the blue blur, and Sonic cartoons have been a staple since the 90s with kitschy voice acting and plot lines that make the original G.I. Joes cartoons look like they have compelling character arcs.

Still, Sonic is easily recognized and hasn’t been dragged through the mud, video-wise, to the same extent as, per see, the Super Mario Bros – Sega has kept the Sonic franchise to only underwhelming with video games, thankfully.

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So now we’re looking at 2022 for a Netflix arrival of the blue blur, presuming that the additional issues that pandemics tend to bring are easily circumnavigated by the studios behind the animated series.

Sonic is expected to carry over specific aspects from the recently released film, with the recasting of Sonic himself towards Ben Shwartz, but this hasn’t been confirmed. All we have currently is the title and a rough date that we should expect the hedgehog himself to arrive.