Minecraft’s Java Edition In 2021 Will Require A Microsoft Account To Play Enjoy This Game!

Minecraft’s Java Edition In 2021 Will Require A Microsoft Account To Play Enjoy This Game!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a vastly popular game with 131 million active monthly players, which have seen massive success during this pandemic. In May, Minecraft topped 200 Million in sales and had 126 million active monthly players, leading to a substantial increase in 131 million active monthly players.

Minecraft Live saw various changes announced to Minecraft, which include changes to the cave generation and new mobs, all of which are planned to additions to Minecraft with the Caves and Cliffs update. This update is expected to be available in the Summer of 2021, but earlier snapshots will slowly become available for users who cannot wait for the full release.

Minecraft currently has two versions a Bedrock edition, which requires a Microsoft account to enjoy, and the Java Edition, which doesn’t require a Microsoft account instead needed a Microsoft account.

A recent article posted by Mojang Studios stated how Java Edition would soon require a Microsoft account to play and enjoy Minecraft’s version.

This new type of account offers various features; these features include a substantial increase in security for your account with two-factor authentication. This means that it will be harder for someone to access your account without your permission.

Another feature is that all of your PC Minecraft games will be connected through the same account, those games (currently) include Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. Although, In the article posted by Mojang Studios, they did raise the question of “Who Knows What We’ll Do Next?”

This new account has improved parental controls, and these include chat/invitation blocking. Mojang Studios has announced that this migration is mandatory. They stated that in several months players wouldn’t be able to log in anymore without migrating their account.

After this migration, players will also get a special cape that, during this migration, players will keep their Minecraft Java Username and even keep the ability to use mods and skins with ease.

Mojang Studios has stated that this migration will require players to be moving accounts in early 2021 and that new Java Minecraft players will create Microsoft accounts rather than the standard Mojang Accounts starting in the upcoming fall.

Players will receive an email that will include instructions on how to move your account, and players will then use your Microsoft account to log into Minecraft rather than their previous Minecraft account.