ININ Games Announces Cotton Reboot! For North America And Europe In 2021

ININ Games Announces Cotton Reboot! For North America And Europe In 2021
Credit: Inin Games via Twitter

Publisher ININ Games has announced it is bringing Cotton Reboot! to fans in North America and Europe next year. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Cotton Reboot! is a remake of the 1991 game Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams version for the Sharp X68000. The reboot is currently being developed by Beep but has had some delays. It was initially planned to launch in Japan in Spring 2020, then in Summer, but now is planned for February 2021. The North American and Europe localization will launch after.

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Cotton is a side-scrolling adventure game starring a red-headed witch named Cotton. With her fairy friend Silk by her side, Cotton flies on her broomstick to fight monsters and collect candy. Players will have a mode to play the original X68000 version or the modernized mode that gives the game a significant visual upgrade. ININ Games has stated the new game will be a “faithful reboot” of the 90s game.

Cotton’s adventures were followed by four sequels, including Marchen Adventure Cotton, Panorama Cotton, Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams, and Rainbow Cotton. The witch would later appear in Umihara Kawasaki BaZooka as a playable character.

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Cotton Reboot! contains additional upgrades. They include more fully voiced characters, background music with newly recorded songs, new magic, and action. A new Time Attack mode allows players to work hard to get the high score of each mode,

Although Cotton has adorable graphics, the game was challenging. The reboot contains a “Sweet” mode for those who aren’t as experienced in side-scrolling shooters. The “Super Spicy” mode allows more experienced players to take on the harder difficulties.

Japan will receive two physical versions of the game. They include a standard edition plus a Limited Edition. The LE includes the physical game with a case an manual, soundtrack, teacup, and more in a LE box. ININ Games has not yet announced plans for physical or limited editions.

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Those who want to follow the development and release of Cotton Reboot! can follow ININ Games on social media or visit its website.

There is currently no set release date for Cotton Reboot! ININ Games plans to launch it sometime in 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.