Experience An Old School Shooter In Bartlows Dread Machine Headed To Steam Early Access Later This Year

Experience An Old School Shooter In Bartlows Dread Machine Headed To Steam Early Access Later This Year
Credit: BeepGamesInc via Youtube

This interesting title is based on parlor game cabinets from the early 20th century. Bartlows Dread Machine is planning a debut this July into Early Access with a full commercial launch on Xbox One and Windows in the fall. Beep Games Inc and Tribetoy have created a strange relic from the dawn of the Electric Age. This machine sends players through a series of adventures in New York, San Francisco, and the Great Planes. Rescue President Roosevelt from the forces of evil within a strange contraption.

Inside the game, these agents are metal figurines within a rail system. Their movement is limited to an old-fashioned tactile method, and it appears kina like an old-time puppet show. Explore a wealth of worlds with several characters to unlock in this rinky-dink shooter.

At its core, Bartlow’s Dread Machine is a dual-stick arcade shooter with a unique style. As you travel through the game, players will explore improbable monsters, strange characters, and beautifully stylized worlds within the Dread Machine.

In total, the game contains six worlds, eight characters, 52 guns, and tons of different outfits to dress your character up in. Clever players will master the combat as it is based on strategy, positioning, and having the right weapon at the right time.

As you battle through a cast of strange and horrible monsters, you will find yourself traveling across the sea, through traffic, onto trains, and more. Different worlds, situations, and environments all presented in the same old-timey style on a metal rail.

This game includes a single-player campaign with an optional couch co-op mode. Pull up a chair and prepare to take on a strange electric adventure with your friends and family as you get immersed in the Dread Machine.

Sinister plots and forces are just below the surface of this title. As you explore the game, you will learn that there is much more at stake than a kidnapped president. Only by navigating the world and making it to the end can you learn the true purpose behind this machine.

This is a unique interactive experience that is unlike anything else currently available. The almost electric-punk style of the game brings an entire world to life and as you explore the simple controls the changing scenery comes to life like an electric puppet show.

Only the most dedicated of players can make it to the end and save President Roosevelt. Only dedicated players will be able to learn the truth behind Bartlows Dream Machine.

This game is available for wishlist on Steam. The title will be released into Early Access as of July, with an Xbox One release expected for later this fall.