The Survival Game Atlas Recently Got A Major Upgrade; Features More Islands And A Cooperative Mode

The Survival Game Atlas Recently Got A Major Upgrade; Features More Islands And A Cooperative Mode
Credit: steamXO

Pirate games have always been a fun experience for gamers over the years. They highlight life on the open sea, where you must use your survival instincts to conquer all that you come in contact with. That’s what the survival game Atlas is about. This pirate adventure MMO came out for PC back in 2018. It certainly had a lot of promise in the beginning.

The very idea of endless pirate adventures with thousands of other players drew gamers in. Unfortunately, Atlas has a lot of major issues. One of the most salient is the mundane tasks you’re forced to complete over and over again. You would think that such a massive sea adventure game like this would involve just that: sea adventures with epic ship battles. That’s unfortunately not what you get here. Server issues also negatively impact your experience from time to time.

That hasn’t stopped the developers Grapeshot Games and Instinct Games from refining Atlas still. In fact, Atlas just got a major upgrade that gives users access to more islands. There are 40% more islands to explore, to be exact. That’s a great sign for users who’ve been playing this game since its release.

You can only imagine how your interests in open-world exploration can start to dip. These new islands should spark interest in users once again. What sort of things will these islands have and what threats could be waiting upon your arrival to them?

Giant crabs have also been added as a new enemy. You can kill them outright or will them into submission. They are a welcome addition to the enemies that you come across in this vast world. One of the more significant changes in this upgrade is a new mode called Colonies. The point of it is to encourage cooperation.

You see, Atlas is such a massive game that almost makes you feel isolated when you’re not playing with friends. With Colonies, though, you’re rewarded for cooperative play. You can work with others on an island to reduce upkeep costs of your own settlement. The more players you work with, the less you’ll have to worry about nightly raids. It’s a great idea in theory.

There have also been changes to the map, featuring new land masses and new deep-sea environments to explore. This massive update is available right now for no additional charge. It’s certainly worth getting if you’re looking to revisit this game, if not just to check out the new islands that have been added.