PQube Announces Gal Gun Returns Collector’s Edition Details

PQube Announces Gal Gun Returns Collector’s Edition Details
Credit: PQube via YouTube

Publisher PQube previously announced the remake of Gal Gun Returns on PC and consoles later this year. Now, the publisher has revealed the details about the game’s unique Collector’s Edition, which is a must-have for fans.

The Collector’s Editions come in two versions, for either the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One and Steam digital edition. The items are the same, but the Nintendo Switch game is a physical version, while the Xbox One and Steam version have a digital game code.

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The Collector’s Edition is packaged with “safety goggles,” a physical soundtrack with three CDs with all of the music, voice, and background tracks from the game, a 100-page art book containing new and old designs from the past ten years, set of six metal pins, an anniversary coin celebrating 10 years of the game, and a set of six art cards featuring the six key heroines of the game.

The items are all packaged in a special Collector’s Box. Nintendo Switch owners will receive exclusive cover art created by Itou-San, the designer of the Gal Gun franchise. The art is double-sided with the standard cover and special 10th-anniversary edition.

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Gal Gun made its debut in 2011. The title is an action shooter with romance elements. The story follows a young man who becomes extremely popular, and every woman who looks his way instantly falls in love. However, the protagonist doesn’t have room in his heart for everyone.

The hero has to use his special gun to fend off his aggressive fans, but at the same time, he is trying to win the heart of the woman of his dreams. The game is a combination of an arcade-style shooter but with dating sim features.

Gal Gun Returns is perfect for long time fans of the series, but also newcomers. The game is primarily a shooter, but there are several female characters with intriguing stories. Gal Gun contains a huge cast of over 70 characters with the main heroines, angels, and the students and faculty at the academy. All of the female characters are fully voiced.

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Since the game was first launched, the title has made small changes to each character. Players can also enjoy several new CGs and new artwork for old and new characters.

Gal Guns Returns launches on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series S/X/One on February 12, 2021.