Gucci Partners With The Sims 4 Custom Content Creators For “Off the Grid” Campaign

Gucci Partners With The Sims 4 Custom Content Creators For “Off the Grid” Campaign
Credit: Gucci via Twitter

Gucci has announced its working with The Sims 4 custom content (CC) creators to create unique clothing and accessories. The company has begun an “Off the Grid sustainability campaign and is bringing its work into the digital world.

The collaboration is different from the Moschino Stuff Pack, where Maxis directly worked with a fashion brand. This time, Gucci is directly working with CC creators, specifically Grimcookies and Harrie.

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The project has been in development for the past several months. The CC includes new hairstyles, clothing, makeup, shoes, accessories, and much more. Some of the accessories are decorative items that are perfect for decorating any Sims’ home.

The collection features items that are stated to be made with recycled, organic, and sustainably sourced materials. Players who own the Eco Lifestyle EP will receive a green eco-footprint and environment score of 10 in-game. When Sims enter a room with some of the new Gucci items, their moods will improve.

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Harrie provides a video of how she build a treehouse for the campaign. The house was completely built with upcycled wood, wind turbines, green-roofing, recycled furniture, and sustainability elements.

Gucci also provides two official trailers showcasing both collaborations with Grimcookies and Harrie. Players can get ideas on how to use the items in their Sims’ homes for an eco-friendly boost.

The Gucci Off the Grid items are available for free. Players can download Grimcookie’s items from their website and then place the content in their “Mods” folder. Harrie’s custom Treehouse is available on The Sims 4 Gallery by searching for her Origin ID, hey_harrie.

Gucci has provided a statement about the collaboration on its website:

In the spirit of Gucci’s vision to support young creatives and our commitment to generate positive change for people and planet, the House announces a player-made gaming collaboration focused on sustainability with custom content created for the community of The Sims 4. Showcasing the work of two custom content creators who are also part of the Sims community, Gucci also reveals the first digital-recreation of a sustainable fashion line—Gucci Off The Grid.

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Gucci’s Off the Grid items are not specifically in collaboration with EA and Maxis, even though the developer has brought attention to the campaign on Twitter.

The Sims 4 is available now on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.