First Minecraft Bedrock Beta For The Caves And Cliffs Update Introduces Lots Of Snow And Goats!

First Minecraft Bedrock Beta For The Caves And Cliffs Update Introduces Lots Of Snow And Goats!
Credit: Mojang Studios

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update may not be out until Summer next year, but the first Bedrock Beta for the update is already available. This will give players the first glimpse at a new type of snow (powder snow) and the first look at the brand new mob, the mischievous mountain goats.

You can opt-in to the Beta through the Xbox app on the PC, or via the Google Play Store on mobile. The same applies on console. This is the period that Mojang collects data from users and correlates feedback to help improve the update for when it finally releases in 2021.

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This is the first time that one of the brand new mobs, the Mountain Goat, will be available in-game. You’ll find them in mountainous and snowy biomes, hopping and skipping across the tops of mountains. Although the mobs aren’t hostile, they want to keep the mountains to themselves – expect a few head-butts if you get too close to their territory!

Those Mountain Goats will make mountain exploration a little more dangerous, but definitely more exhilarating. Even though they might send you over the edge of the cliff, they’re still not the most dangerous mob arriving in the Caves and Cliffs update…*cough* Warden *cough*.

The mountains will also be harder to traverse thanks to powder snow. This is a new block type that might cause a few stumbles on your path up sheer cliff edges. If you land on powder snow you won’t take any fall damage, but step on it and you might sink into the snow, vastly reducing your mobility.

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If you wear leather boots you will be able to cross the snow with ease. Finally a use for these starter armor pieces. Keep an eye on the goats – they know which type of snow is which and will give you a good idea of which patches of snow to avoid because it’s basically impossible to tell the difference by sight!

You can sign up for the first Caves and Cliffs update Minecraft Beta right now and get playing on Xbox, PC, and on mobile. All you need to do is opt-in. Check out the post above from the official Minecraft blog for more details on how to get access, and how to leave valuable feedback on the update.