Doom 3 VR Edition Is Set To Launch On March 29th

Doom 3 VR Edition Is Set To Launch On March 29th
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Doom franchise has been absolutely booming these last couple of years. Ever since id Software innovated the series with Doom (2016), they haven’t looked back and have continued to innovate the non-stop, metal-mania slayer action.

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They followed it up with Doom Eternal, which according to many fans, is the best installment to date. It ups the intense action and adds to the lore, which hasn’t been one of the most shining aspects — but that’s okay because the horror franchise more than makes up for it in the shooting department.

Before these modern titles though, there was Doom 3. It has a pretty loyal following — even to this day — and was received well when it launched back in 2004. At the time, its graphics were pretty innovative. It also brought forth a unique survival-horror feel that the series lacked in installments prior. This is when id Software really started changing the game in the shooter space.

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If you’ve enjoyed this game over the years, you’re in for a treat because a VR edition is coming out on March 29th. That’s according to an official trailer announcing the first-person immersion that will let returning players enjoy hellish demon-slaying action like never before.

In addition to the never-before-featured VR support, Doom 3 VR also will include The Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil expansions. That’s plenty of horror content to hold you over as you enjoy this game from a new perspective using a VR headset.

There will be new VR controls featured in this new edition of Doom 3 as well, including unique actions when looking around corners, a 180-degree quick turnaround setting for catching enemies sneaking up on your marine, and an in-depth wrist-mounted display. They all should further the tension and immersion you can experience throughout every mission and level.

Even if you have already played through Doom 3 countless times in the past, this VR edition seems like a noteworthy novelty worth checking out here in a couple of weeks.

And if you haven’t had the pleasure of playing this installment yet, what better way to enjoy its iconic weapons and addicting action gunplay than in VR? It will give new meaning to being a slayer, featuring more intense moments like you’re there with the hostile demonic forces in real life.

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It’s also nice to see VR still receiving a ton of support with great games, even though a lot of attention is being put on next-gen consoles.