Swimsanity BringsMoobas to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Audeinces In This Nautical Adventure

Swimsanity BringsMoobas to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Audeinces In This Nautical Adventure
Credit: Steam XO

The iconic development duo at Decoy Games has created a crazy swimming based adventure. Swimsanity is one of those adventures that will take players into the ocean to fight fearsome foes. Take charge of a Mooba and travel down where fish and foes come in the dozens.

Travel through tons of different Adventure levels as you gather fish while trying to avoid sharks, whales, turtles, piranhas, and more. This game is filled with weapon upgrades and special powers that will create a unique atmosphere of party games and serious fishing endeavors.

Enter the world of an underwater shooter that is filled with action-packed co-op and versus game modes. Enjoy an adventure that is supported by online and local play opportunities as you play as a Mooba. Using your powerups, it is up to you to survive this underwater world.

Team up with your friends and charge into Adventure mode. This is a competitive world where players battle across several different game modes. There are over 150 different challenges to complete as players travel across all the Game Modes in Swimsanity. 

Enjoy the benefit of full crossplay on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. Enjoy the chance to play on the same game as any of your friends no matter which platform they play on.

Choose from a variety of unleashes at the beginning of every match. Each of these allows your Mooba to strike awesome abilities on opponents by charging their meter throughout the match.

This game includes a 4 player experience that can be enjoyed either casually or in ranked matches. Gain advantages in battle by using 10+ different unleashes each with the ability to effet the entire round.

In adventure mode, players will journey as a hero Mooba and work to protect all the orbs and save the underwater world. If players want a different experience they can always choose survival which pits players against endless waves.

From free-for-all game modes to team-based objective matches players can battle it out in multiplayer versus modes. This is a game designed to promote fun and give fans something to look forward too. Enjoy casual and hardcore game modes that will be tough to master but easy to learn.

Swimsanity is already available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from Decoy Games. Enjoy the depth of this adventure as players battle through an underwater setting in a dramatic and epic fashion.