Post Void Is A Fast Paced Shooter that Has Released On Steam Bringing Frenetic Action In A Hyperworld

Post Void Is A Fast Paced Shooter that Has Released On Steam Bringing Frenetic Action In A Hyperworld
Credit: Steam XO

YCJY Games is a development team that are used to creating amazing fast-paced content. They have now unleashed their new shooter roguelike Post Void onto Steam allowing fans access to the fast-paced action within. Enter a surreal world that will take players into the void and grant them a unique and other planer experience.

This game vaule speed aove all other concerns. Ignore constant damage as you blast apart enemies with infinite ammo. Experience a comically cruel world in which players will only last a few minutes. Experience a flurry of procedurally-generated micro stages that will drive players forwards into an onslaught of non-stop violence.

Post Void will take players into a hypnotic scramble. Experience a first-person shooter that priotizes speed. Keep you head to the en and kill anything you see to try and mend it back together. This is a unique world filled with strange strategic option in a gamer that priotirizes score and skill.

This is a challening first person shooter that will take players and force them forward through strage worlds. Move forward and keep filling your idol with liquid. The liquid comes from kills while other factors will continue to drain energy away.

Each run in this game willbe different as you speed through strange procedurally generated levels. Speed and accuracy will drive your score higher and allow it to compete on a global high score laaderboard of unique fans.

This game is exceedingly easy to learn with a control scheme that will master shooting, sliding and jumping. Pick your power-ups between each level and upgrade your weapon as you blast through the ultra-violent and ultra-vibrant enviroments.

This game’s atmopshere is the literal depiction of a headache.

This gmae is fast, and each run is short allowing players to give in to their one more round mentality. Feel free to love hours to this unique title as you learn to master every turn and twist in the intense maps.

Do not look back as you blast forward into new levels of extream and challenging gameplay revolution. This psychodelic world will blast players back to a retro time while still  mainting to modern game design strategies.

Post Void is made by YCJY availabe on Steam as of now. The game is available for only $2.99 allowing payers a chance to purchase it for a very low amount. There is even a 33% sale active until August 13.