Promesa Is Headed To Xbox And Nintendo Switch In June

Promesa Is Headed To Xbox And Nintendo Switch In June
Credit: Promesa

Fantastico Studio and Julian Palacios Gechtman have announced their sentimental adventure game Promesa. This unique title previously launched on Steam and PlayStation systems, but it is not looking at a full Xbox and Nintendo Switch release. This is a journey inspired by a conversation between a grandfather and grandchild during a different time.

Critics and fans have referred to this title as a “different kind of videogame experience.” Players feel a unique sense of nostalgia mixed with visions of imaginary places and surreal locales. Wander through several vignettes as you enjoy a haunting and dreamlike world of wonder.

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At its core, Promesa is a contemplative experience that will have you wander through dreams. Explore memories, fantasies, and more birthed from a dialogue between grandfather and grandchild. This world is unique and surreal simultaneously, and many players enjoy its atmospheric feel.

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For the developers, this is a personal project that touches very close to home. While listening to the experiences and past of the grandfather, present and past form a stream of unique images that are personal and shared.

Interact with memories of homes, streets, and imaginary places. This is a contemplative journey that explores what happens when we are left dreaming about experiences that we have never had. Enjoy the slow and relaxing experience, and focus on the contemplative exploration that the game offers in its calming environment.

Every playthrough of this title averages around 45 minutes of gameplay. And each one is different as it will take multiple playthroughs to see every scene in the game. Fans will immediately notice that the game has a distinct visual style mixing pixel graphics with high-def light.

This creates a strange yet artistic look at the world and places dreamlike environments at the forefront of presentation. Enjoy Argentinian and Italian cities, paintings of dreams, and even more in this meditative experience.

The game was developed by a team of 4 people after the lead developer talked to his grandfather. He dedicated this title to him and mixed in an acoustic soundtrack that uses several instruments. The music presents multiple tones and realities despite being a consistent presentation of thematic ambiance.

This title is good for users of all ages. It is an indie adventure game and should be taken as a relaxing journey. More information can be found on the game’s Steam page as the title prepare to launch onto console platforms.

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Promesa is available on PS4 and Steam, but it will be releasing on Nintendo Switch and Xbox fairly soon.