Nintendo Of America Will Soon Sell Single Joy-Con Switch Controllers In North America

Nintendo Of America Will Soon Sell Single Joy-Con Switch Controllers In North America
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

Nintendo previously announced that the price of Joy-Cons would be decreased because they were splitting the set into two separate parts. However, that decrease in price was only for Japan. Recently, Nintendo of America announced on social media that the price decrease would soon hit North America, right in time for the holiday season.

Starting in early November, Switch owners can purchase a single Joy-Con for only $39.99. Previously, players were forced to purchase the Joy-Cons in packs of $79.99, even if they only needed one Joy-Con. Technically, the price will be around the same, but now players can buy one Joy-Con instead of two.

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Nintendo of America states that players will be able to purchase the left Joy-Con in blue and right Joy-Con in red. It’s unclear if more colors will be coming soon or if the price drop will only be for select colors. Nintendo also previewed an image of the new single Joy-Con packaging.

Although the price drop is welcomed, Nintendo of America hasn’t yet addressed the drift issue still plaguing current Joy-Cons. The price drop doesn’t mean that new Joy-Cons are coming, so the issue may persist in the single controllers as well.

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If players are still experiencing issues with their Joy-Cons, Nintendo has a free repair request website set up, even if the initial warranty no longer covers the controllers.

Players who want to submit a repair request should head to the North American Nintendo Repair website. There are currently some delays because of COVID-19, but players who want a repair should start the process early to get ahead of the crowd.

Players will need to submit their Nintendo Switch System serial number and how many Joy-Con controllers need repair. Only four will be accepted from one form, and if someone has more than four Joy-Cons that need repair will have to call Nintendo’s 800 number.

Repair orders are completed in order of when they’re received. Nintendo is working as quickly as possible to resolve the lingering drift issue. If a Joy-Con can’t be repaired, the company may replace it with a Gray, Neon Blue, or Neon Red controller.

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After submitting their request, players can check the status of their order from the Nintendo Support website.

The single Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers will go on sale on November 9.