Riot Games Dropped A K/DA Magazine Featuring League Of Legends’ Band And Guest Star Seraphine

Riot Games Dropped A K/DA Magazine Featuring League Of Legends’ Band And Guest Star Seraphine
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Who doesn’t want more K/DA? Riot has dropped a special magazine issue featuring the stars of League of Legends’ hottest band and guest star Seraphine.

The main draw of “SHARP” is an interview with the four stars of K/DA, asking them about the evolution of their craft and how the success of debut single “POP/STARS” has both awed and inspired them. Each character also has new art with them decked out in fashionable and classic black, dripping in style.

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League’s newest champion, Seraphine, went from indie to sensation overnight. Speaking about her desire for “a world united by song,” fans will definitely be interested in learning more about the ups and downs of her brief but meteoric rise.

To cap off the issue, a classic magazine quiz tests your knowledge of the group. The questions aren’t terribly difficult and also serve as a great recap of the history of K/DA.

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The QR codes present throughout the issue bring you to a consolidated list of K/DA resources. You can engage in your fandom by streaming their newest single, “THE BADDEST,” yet again or let it shine bright with official K/DA BLADES light sticks. Seraphine will be released in the next couple of days.

The aspiring musician will be released alongside the newest set of K/DA skins, Riot Games’ girl group comprised entirely of characters from the game and voiced by various artists including (G)I-DLE members Soyeon and Miyeon. Seraphine announced on her Twitter that she had been involved in the production of one of K/DA’s newest songs as part of their debut EP ALL OUT but the skin’s teaser suggests that she may be a little more involved in the group than a simple production role.

Not only does this skin announce Seraphine as a member (albeit temporary) of K/DA, it marks the sixth skin to be added to the game’s list of Ultimate skins. Other skins belonging to this skin line include Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and Elementalist Lux.

These ultimate skins bring unique new assets to champions both in-game and in their splash arts, offering evolutions that change the look of the skin as the game goes on. From these teasers, it looks as though the evolutions of Seraphine’s skin will document the stages of her life leading up to her debut with K/DA, as told through the comic series

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Riot released showing her life working in a boba shop before quitting to pursue music full time. Players will load into the game as a jumper-wearing, normal girl, and will end the game in Seraphine’s full celebrity stage costume for her performances with K/DA