Minecraft Musical Event, Stratosfest, Offers An Impressive Array Of Artists For The Low Price of Just $12

Minecraft Musical Event, Stratosfest, Offers An Impressive Array Of Artists For The Low Price of Just $12
Credit: StratoFest

Minecraft is a viral game with over 131 million active monthly players; this large player base has led to many using Minecraft as a medium to get together or host music events during this pandemic and lockdown. Many companies have ranged from a Brooklyn Club, Elsewhere, which created a Minecraft server, naming it ElseWither.

Since ElseWither did well, due to many people wanting to get some sense of normalcy during this quarantine and lockdown.

Other companies and Music festivals started appearing like HOSPITALITY IN THE VOID! and Electric Blockaloo, which either went off very well or had some unfortunate issues that led to it shutting down after the first day.

Stratosfest is a Minecraft music festival that offers two days of fantastic music, all while having the Minecraft players can enjoy being on a Skybound Minecraft realm.

There are a few different options for players who want to enjoy this new and interesting experience; this concert’s basic tier costs $12. This ticket is called General Admission and still allows players to enjoy the music and the fantastic Minecraft sky realm.

The next tier for this concert is the VIP admission, which does cost a bit more than the General Admission; the VIP admission costs $15 per ticket.

The VIP admission allows the player unique access to a campground’s survival server where the player can explore, build, and even features custom game mechanics like a Grappling Hoock and a one-hit Tree down tool the TreeNT.

If anyone bought the General Admission ticket but then decides that they want the VIP ticket, there is a way to get a VIP upgrade, which costs $4.

The artists set for this fantastic event include Attlas, Qrion, Jordin Post, Tritonal, Ferry Corsten, and Above & Beyond. These artists will be playing on Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM, in the standard Pacific time zone.

The second day features different artists than the first; the second-day artists include Olan, Hellbound!, No Mana, Ilan Bluestone, Gabriel & Dresden, Darude, and Mat Zo as the final artist. These artists will be playing from 10 AM until 4 PM, with Mat Zo being the final artist for this interesting music festival.

For this Musical event, players will need to have Minecraft Java Edition and also need to buy a ticket before the event begins. This event is slated to start on October 23rd and continue until October 24th, 2020.