Minecraft Mods Mined: Iron Chests, A New Way To Store A Large Variety Of Items

Minecraft Mods Mined: Iron Chests, A New Way To Store A Large Variety Of Items
Credit: Thumbnail from CptKryptonite

Minecraft is a vastly popular game, which has had it’s popularity only increase throughout this quarantine and pandemic. Minecraft currently has, on average, 131 million active monthly players; this substantial player base makes Minecraft a perfect choice for content creators, streamers, or even modders.

Modders have been creating mods that can range from very useful like the Scannable mod. The scannable mod creates a radar that players can utilize to locate various mobs to different ores, making mining very easy.

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While some may find this an easier way to beat Minecraft, one thing to note is that players who want to use the scannable device to find ores will need to find the ores once already.

One mod that doesn’t make Minecraft any easier is the Atum 2; this mod creates a fourth dimension for Minecraft that is significantly different from any other dimension currently implemented into Minecraft.

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A mod that does change how some players store a large variety of items that are normally gotten during their Minecraft experience. This mod is called Iron Chest; This mod adds various types of chests, ranging from Dirt all the way up to Obsidian.

This large variety of chests have a varying number of inventory slots; a Dirt chest has a single inventory slot that can store either Podzol or dirt, while the copper chest has a total of 45 inventory slots.

While those are the two cheapest new chests that can be crafted with this mod, the two most expensive chests are called the Crystal Chest and the Obsidian Chest. Both of these chests feature a total of 108 inventory slots, and each is unique in design.

The Crystal Chest is completely transparent and even shows the eight most numerous items contained within it. This allows the player to see some of the items from the outside of the chest.

The Obsidian Chest is completely blast resistant and features the same texture as the obsidian used to craft this fantastically large chest. Being blast-resistant, this Obsidian chest is perfect for a Nether base where at any moment, a Ghast may explode your base apart.

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If players don’t have the materials on-hand, there is the chest upgrade system. This Chest upgrade is applied by right-clicking the chest with the upgrade in hand.