Minecraft Mods Mined: Atum 2, A Sandstone Dimension Ready For Exploration And New Adventures!

Minecraft Mods Mined: Atum 2, A Sandstone Dimension Ready For Exploration And New Adventures!
Credit: Minecraftmods.com

Minecraft‘s popularity has only been rising during this pandemic and quarantine; Minecraft currently has 131 active monthly player base. This large player base leads more than just Minecraft players to look at the game; this player base can also lead modders and content creators to enjoy Minecraft in a brand new way.

Content Creator, DanTDM, is looking to reinvent his hardcore series; the large number of mods Dan has included in this mod pack is designed to make winning Minecraft significantly harder for him. DanTDM is calling this series Ultra Hardcore, which will be available on his YouTube Channel!

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Not all Mods are designed to make Minecraft harder, instead mods like the Scannable mod. This mod focuses on allowing the player to quickly and accurately find ores in your Minecraft world. The Scannable mod is currently available for Minecraft 1.16.1 and adds the radar to Minecraft’s craftable item list.

Some mods, like the Atum 2 mod, this mod features a new dimension. This new dimension isn’t like the Nether or the End; it’s a sandstone dimension that can only be entered through a sandstone portal that the player will need to create.

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This portal is a frame for a 2×2 square of water with the bottom also being sandstone, and at each corner, the player will need to build a two-high tower. Filling the center with water won’t activate the portal; the player will need to create a scarab thrown into the water.

A scarab isn’t a cheap craftable item to make; it requires three gold ingots in the formation to create a bucket in the crafting menu, while in the center, players will need to add a diamond. This will create the last piece needed to create a portal to the sandstone dimension.

Inside the sandstone dimension, there is little visibility, and players will only see a few blocks thanks to the thick fog throughout the dimension.

Located in this thick fog, many buried ruins and structures are the easiest way to get some of the newest items.

Players may need to watch out for the mummies and booby traps in the pyramids; players will need to fight with the new weapons and artifacts which can be found throughout the dimension.

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Players can download this mod at Minecraftmods.com, and is working perfectly for Minecraft 1.15.2.